Why Children Need Life Lessons
How Life Lessons Work

About Us
We are Premier International Foundation, NFP

Our mission
We are a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping our youth grow in ethics, values, and motivation. 

We are an Illinois not for profit (NFP) corporation, organized under section 503(c)3.  We are not affiliated with any religious organization and we do not espouse any specific religious belief.

How it all started
Life Lessons are a concept created by our founder, Jim Hempleman, and his wife "Dune".  In 1989 Dune accepted a part-time role as a babysitter for an infant, Sarah.  The relationship quickly grew into a role for both Jim and Dune as a "second set of parents".  As Sarah grew, they looked for ways that they could be a positive influence on her life.

The result is the Life Lesson concept.  They first used the technique in 1997 and it has grown from there.  Click here for more information about The Evolution of Life Lessons. 

Our funding
We are internally funded.  At the present time we do not accept donations.


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