Why Children Need Life Lessons
How Life Lessons Work

Making the child a Leader
Ask the child to give Life Lessons to other children

Life Lesson "assignments"
You can assist the child in growing as a leader by asking them to prepare and present Life Lessons for other, younger children.  This will give your child a strong sense of leadership and responsibility while it will also help the other children grow.

At what age?
When should you begin this?  It will be most effective after your child has been given several sessions of Life Lessons so they will understand the process.  It is also important for your child to be mature enough to take the responsibility of the "mentor" position seriously.  Some children may be ready as a pre-teen.  Others may take longer to be responsible Life Lesson teachers.

Select younger children
This technique will most likely be more effective if the recipient children are somewhat younger than your child.  In some families it may work for younger siblings.  It can also be very effective for younger cousins, friends and neighbors.  It will be most successful if the younger child considers the older child a role model.



An increased sense of responsibility
The process of becoming a leader for others has a very beneficial side effect.  In most cases it causes the child giving the lessons to become very aware of their role model status; and as a result is likely to solidify the child's own ethics and values.

Life Lessons can grow on their own
The next step is to ask your child to request their "students" to develop Life Lessons for other younger children.  What if each child who is given Life Lessons does this for two or three other children?  The possibility of this growing on its own is a very encouraging thought . . .


When a child gives Life Lessons to another child, both children benefit.  It makes the child giving the lessons aware of their role model status, and it adds a level of importance to the lesson that is difficult for adults to communicate.

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