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Special Lessons
In addition to the Life Lesson process, we suggest there is value in writing more lengthy advice for children at special times.  We have provided two examples of documents designed to motivate children at key decision points in their lives. 

We are suggesting that the value is in the idea, not the exact words.  It is important that each message is tailored to the child's exact needs at the time it is presented.  We also believe it is important to take time to discuss the importance of the message and to gage the child's reaction. 

The first example was written for an 8th grade graduate.  It deals with the topic of leadership and introduces the concept of the personal code of ethics.

The second example was written for a high school graduate and deals with "transitions" - making good choices when moving to a new environment (in this case, college).

We hope you will share what you write for your child
We encourage you to share Milestone Advice you write for your child so that others might benefit from the ideas.  Contact us to share your experience.

Special advice at special times can help guide the child's growth.


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